On the Map

Our ongoing video series features boss babes who we feel embody the #2AMgirl spirit. They are working hard, making moves, and inspiring others along the way.

2:AM x Sheila Rashid

Being grateful for the little things — the universe will reward you for that.
— @sheilathedesigner

As we enter into Black History March and Women's History Month who better to discuss what it means to believe in yourself, your community, and the power of the universe, than Sheila Rashid, a Chicago native fashion designer. Sheila is humble, cool, smart, creative, and genuinely herself -- always. Her designs have been seen on celebrities like Chance The Rapper, Bella Hadid, and Alan Ferguson, featured in Vogue Magazine and Nike, and mentioned in Vanity Fair by Lena Waithe. As impressive as they are, these accolades are simply a result of her tenacity and dedication to her craft. Her calm, self-assuredness is both inspiring and motivating to creatives across the city. Thank you Sheila, for sharing your light with us.

2:AM x DJ King Marie

You only have one life, and it’s yours.
— @djkingmarie

Carving a space for women in a world brought together by music, DJ King Marie inspires us on the importance of seizing every moment, and never letting doubt keep you from your calling. Being fearless in a male dominated industry isn’t always easy. She embodies the determination, perseverance, & confidence of a role model. One note at a time, she serves as a reminder that barriers are best broken through freedom of expression.

It’s never too late, or too early, to just start.
— @inspirebytyler

2:AM x Inspire by Tyler

Tyler is as multifaceted and fabulous as they come. Known for her # blackgirlmagic infused 3-D paintings, she also thrives as an engineer, entrepreneur, community leader, and public speaker. With so much in store yet, Tyler is focused on staying on the path God laid out for her while leading as many women as she can towards their own potential. Sitting down with Tyler was a reminder to love your own journey, wait on God, and work your butt off in preparation for your blessings.

I don’t want it to be an overnight thing — I want to go through the mud.
— @shawnee_dez

2:AM x Shawnee Dez

Emerging singer and songwriter Shawnee Dez has a sunflower spirit and a shooting star soul. Sitting down with her felt less like an interview and more like reuniting with an old friend. Talking life, music, and positivity reminded us that we have survived; that we are here for a profound reason, and to stand tall in that.